What do we mean by the Wild N Happy ACE experience?
Sheep close-up
Sheep close-up

So what on earth do we mean by the ACE Experience?

There is nothing high tech or cryptic about it at all, as our ACE Experience simply means Activities, Culture and Ecology experiences. Experiences that you will definitely get to enjoy on our small group tours. 

Unfortunately, some large and small group tour companies will take you straight from A to B with barely a toilet break in between!. Not us at Wild N Happy as it goes against our philosophy. We believe that each destination needs to be experienced and not seen just through a bus window. 

That is why we put great emphasis on providing you with a unique variety of high quality activities, culture and ecology experiences. You get to choose your experience in the knowledge that it adheres to our strong responsible travel principles.




Explore exciting destinations such as Ireland, Scotland and Morocco or take an adventure such as hiking and walking, kayaking adventures on mystical lakes, cultural and wildlife tours. 

Whether you are a solo traveler, a couple, family or a group of friends we have the perfect balance of experiences. Each one is carefully selected by our team of tour experts so that you can be reassured that it adheres to our strong responsible travel principles and our professional and safety standards. Above all, we make sure it will allow you to discover the true identity of that destination and provide you an everlasting memory. 

To find out more about small group tours or get your personalized ACE Experience please feel free to contact one of our many dedicated tour experts. They are full of free knowledge, always ready to answer any questions you might have and will offer you the best advice in achieving your dream holiday experience.  

Take care and safe adventures!