The Giant’s Causeway Top 5 facts

top 5 giants causeway

Declared a World Heritage site in 1986 by UNESCO, the Giant’s Causeway located at the top of the Island of Ireland is one of the most beautiful natural wonders in the world, visually striking with it’s interlocking basalt columns which are mostly hexagonal. Here are our top 5 facts:

1. Features formed 60 million years ago

Volcanic activity created these columns some 60 million years ago, creating 40,000 interlocking columns, the tallest of which are 12 metres high.

Giant's Causeway

2. Northern Ireland's most popular attraction

Around 1 million visitors a year visit the Giants’s Causeway which makes it the most popular attraction in Northern Ireland and one of the top reasons for tourists to visit Ireland!

3. Name is based on a local Legend

The name derives from legend, which says the Giant’s Causeway was actually created by an Irish giant named Finn McCool who made it so that he could cross over to Scotland and battle his enemy the Scottish Giant, Benandonner!

Causeway Sunset

4. Awareness created by the Bishop of Derry in 1692

Discovered by the Bishop of Derry in 1692, he brought awareness of its existence back to scholars of the time. In Trinity College Dublin, 2 years later, Sir Richard Bulkeley presented a paper outlining his amazing discovery to the Royal society. 

giants causeway

5. Became popular in the 19th century

Tourists began to flock to this attraction in the 19th century, steam trains (Giant’s Causeway Tramway) carried people on narrow railway lines to the area. It was the world’s first to be powered by hydroelectricity. In 1836 they could stay at the newly-built Causeway hotel.

Causeway Coast

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