The Essential Packing Guide When Travelling to Ireland

For as long as you can remember you have dreamt of visiting this magical landscape full of rainbows and leprechauns (we need to talk to you about this subject area) and now the time has arrived! I can sense that you are quietly packing your suitcase and probably thinking this is a no brainer, but wait there are those rumours that this is a sunny island, no wait, rainy, no wait, windy, no wait, cold maybe? In fact, it is all of the above and so what on earth should you pack for this mysterious island in the middle of the wild Atlantic Ocean? 

Fear not, I have you covered as this is the most asked question for our tours of Ireland. So, I have put together an essential packing guide when travelling to Ireland. However, I must outline at the very outset that I don’t hold any honors degree or PHD in packing and thus I wash my hands of any responsibility for poor fashion statements or ridiculous outfits that may enter Ireland. (However, the authorities will be notified of your whereabouts). Ok so now with potential liable actions firmly put to bed we can begin our essential packing guide.


1. Necessary Travel Documents When Visiting Ireland

You think this should be a no brainer, but like everyone else, I am guilty of nearly forgetting important travel documents like a passport, insurance and even my flight tickets. 

Below I have listed my suggestions of travel documents that you may want to bring. 

  1. Passport including spare passport photos
  2. Visas (see link if you are required to have one to enter Ireland)
  3. Flight tickets
  4. Tour confirmation voucher
  5. Travel insurance (Highly recommended)
  6. Emergency contact telephone number and policy number 
  7. Photocopies of important documents – to be kept separately (I recommend you keep a copy at home as well and email a copy to yourself)
  8. Latest trip notes Youth/Student/Seniors card for travel discounts


2. Packing Clothing & Items for your Ireland Trip

“I give up” I hear you say, but don’t worry as you are in the same boat as virtually everyone that visits Ireland. A good assumption is that you will have four seasons in one day or as we say in Ireland: “if you don’t like the weather just wait a minute”.

Here is a recommended list of Personal Clothing & Items to bring: 

  1. Warm anorak/sweater/microfleece
  2. Long-sleeved top (for cold weather) 
  3. Long trousers (zip-off trousers are very versatile)
  4. Jeans/trousers/shorts (if you are lucky)
  5. T-Shirts/cotton shirts
  6. Socks/underwear
  7. Toiletries & Rubber flip-flops for showers
  8. Waterproof casing (It rains in Ireland sometimes!) 
  9. Money (cash/credit cards) 
  10. Money belt or pouch 

    3. Which Electronic Accessories Should you Bring to Ireland?

Nowadays, our gadgets tend to be attached to our hip and of course we want to use and recharge them while on holiday. 

Now, this is the important bit, as each country has its own unique ways of powering their accessories. Along with the UK, the Republic of Ireland uses 3 pins, the most common being the Type G plug which has rectangular shaped pins and is used across a wide variety of devices and appliances. 

So, better bring an electrical adapter unless you want tears or alternatively if you want complete freedom from work or annoying friends then just leave that adapter behind. 

Here is a recommended list of Electronic Accessories to bring: 

  1. Mobile phone – check you have international roaming access
  2. Torch/flashlight
  3. Electrical adapter for the Irish plugs and sockets system 
  4. Camera equipment (remember memory cards/spare batteries/charger)

    4. Activity Equipment for your Wild N Happy Ireland Trip

If you are planning an active holiday experience in the great outdoors of Ireland then be prepared for all eventualities.

Pack on the safe side and expect the four seasons in one day. You have the happy smiley face in the pub after your experience as you were the only one to bring a jacket or spare socks and underpants. 

Here is a recommended list of Activity Equipment to bring:

  1. Small rucksack for daily activity excursions 
  2. Walking boots/shoes (make sure they are comfortable). 
  3. Please bring spare shoes you don’t mind getting wet for kayaking or other watersports
  4. Rain Jacket/Pants 
  5. Thermal underwear or base layers
  6. Hiking socks (for climbing and hiking activities)
  7. Hat and Gloves (inner and outer layers)
  8. Hiking poles/walking sticks (for hiking activities)
  9. Spare clothes and shoes for after activity 
  10. Water bottle/Platypus 
  11. Swim Suit/Wear
  12. Towel
  13. Sunscreen (we do occasionally get a bit of sunshine!)

    5. The Most Essential Items When Travelling to Ireland

Finally, I haven’t identified them in the above lists but in my opinion, humble as it may be, the two most important items to additional pack are: 

  1. A warm curious smile as we Irish love a good smile and it will get you a long way.
  2. Plenty of enthusiasm for adventure as we have bucket loads on offer in Ireland. 

Now, do I hear the outcries of “Surely that can’t be it?” but I want to reassure you that us Irish don’t expect you to turn up parading around butt naked as this could potentially lead to an arrest and mare everyone else’s experience. So of course pack 10 rain jackets, 50 woolly Aran sweaters, at least 3 Hawaiian style shirts and a pair of sandals that you definitely won’t use (if you do, I will personally buy you a pint of Guinness – Terms and Conditions apply).   

If you need any advice on planning or further recommendations on what to bring, see and do, then please feel free to contact one of our many dedicated tour experts. They are full of free knowledge, always ready to answer any questions you might have and will offer you the best advice in achieving your dream holiday.  

Take care and safe adventures!

Wild N Happy Mick