Ireland Travel pass network

Wild ‘N’ Happy provides a guided “hop-on hop-off” bus network around Ireland. What does this mean?

You choose a Travel Pass, then, make your way around its travel route in the time that suits you. “Hop” off the bus at designated locations en route to stay longer, visit friends or even work for a while. Then “hop” back on again. It is that simple!

If you don’t have a lot of time to explore and experience, then you don’t have to “hop off” – you can also use your Wild ‘N’ Happy Travel Pass like a tour and complete the itinerary in its “Minimum Days”. With this, you will still enjoy outstanding locations and unique attractions around Ireland.

Wild ‘N’ Happy is NOT an A to B bus service! We make stops along the way to show you Ireland’s spectacular scenery, explore its mesmerizing landscapes, discover its wild nature and experience its vibrant and unique culture. How about that for an experience!!

All Travel Passes are fully guided. Our Wild ‘N’ Happy driver-guide is a fountain of knowledge and can book any activities and accommodation for you. You are also welcome to organize it your way and be completely independent.

What’s included?

  • Wild ‘N’ Happy Luxury Bus Transport
  • The flexibility to hop on/off at designated locations en route
  • Driver-guide – with invaluable local knowledge, entertaining commentary and the ability to book accommodation and activities on your behalf
  • Opportunity to meet like-minded travelers (and if you want a change of group, then just hop-off and catch up with the next bus that comes along!)
  • Special discounts and deals on activities

What’s not included?

  • Cost of your accommodation and activities. These can be booked via your driver-guide, often at an exclusive Wild ‘N’ Happy discount price!

The Wild West - 6 Day Pass

Unlock Irelands real wild west on this mesmerizing 6 day tour that explores the true beauty of Ireland’s west coast
6 days
Feb – Nov

The Celtic Voyage - 6 Day Pass

Experience the wonders of Ireland’s wild Atlantic coastline on our 6 day Celtic Voyage. We will take you off the
6 days
Feb – Nov

The Kingdom Awakens - 3 Day Pass

Take a unique off the beaten track experience of Killarney, the Ring Of Kerry and Dingle on our 3 day tour
3 days
Feb – Nov

4 Day Pass - The Wilds of Connemara

IMMERSE YOURSELF IN THE WILDS OF CONNEMARA with our superb 4 day experience tour. A renowned destination of natural beauty
4 days
Feb – Nov

Experience Connemara - 2 Day Pass

Immerse yourself in the wilds of Connemara with our superb 2 day experience. A renowned destination of natural beauty that
2 days

The Ring Of Kerry & Dingle - 2 Day Pass

Take a unique off the beaten track experience of the Ring Of Kerry and Dingle on our 2 day combo tour that
2 days
Feb – Nov

Wild South - 8 Day Pass

Our 8 day south pass of Ireland is a loop tour, which means you can take your time to explore
8 Days
Feb – Nov

Wild North - 8 Day Pass

Jump aboard our Wild Atlantic Way northern route for the adventure of a lifetime, where you can experience the most
8 Days
Feb – Nov

Wild Grande - 15 Day Pass

Embark on a captivation discovery of Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way, with our spectacular 15 day Grande pass that takes you
15 Days
Feb – Nov